Super Happy Fun-Time Squad

Session Two
Three-Ten to Middleton

Our intrepid adventurers begin this session on the morning of Loreday, the 24th of Marpenoth in Carberry. The night before, Arkis crafted a rough pyro-glove for Bortath, and the trio stayed in The Empty Flask Inn. Upon coming downstairs, they found a strange dwarven gentleman who gave them some dice, and then left town, but not before Arkis got the chance to chat up a fellow member of the Kulgei Smithing Association, Karmuk.

They stopped to have another look at the ruined home of Borivik, and then discovered an enchanted journal written in celestial they overlooked before. Shortly thereafter back on the path to Targfoot they encountered an elven druid by the name of Codama. They continued with their new companion, and soon ran into an orange faerie dragon that pointed them to a possible interesting site. There they fought a worg and hobgoblin, and sadly Codama was lost. Bortath mage handed a trapped door open and they took the loot. Saddened by the loss of their new companion, they rushed home to Targfoot in a haste.

There they met with Friar Wallace and told him of all that had happened. He is deeply mournful for the loss of his friend, and tells the group a frightful story of Scourge before telling them that they must get to Middleton. Rosie goes to talk to Lithariel, Arkis tells Vaelenor he can no longer work for the time being, and Bortath meets an interesting teifling by the name of Karma. At dawn, the monastery holds a funeral for Codama, and then Karma, Arkis, Rosie, Bortath, and Friar Wallace all head off to Middleton.

On the road, Bortath is instructed by Astaroth to deliver a box to a man named Holt in Middleton. On the way the group loots an old bandit hideout, defeat a saber-toothed tiger, several bugbears, and manage to avoid combat with a trio of scarecrows. Rosie begins learning to heal more effectively under the tutelage of Friar Wallace.

In Middleton, Friar Wallace, Rosie, and Arkis go to the High Temple of Sarenrae to speak with High Priest Shakran. They enter the catacombs below the temple and discover that the phylactery section is gone. They then inquire with a fellow priest called Rennier who tells them about a possible culprit for the theft: Zasheir.

Meanwhile, Bortath and Karma head to find Holt and deliver Astaroth’s box. Holt appears shooken up, and they leave. They go to Chownings and have a drink before Bortath contacts Astaroth on board Karma’s ship, and gets paperwork to requisition a servant.

Afterwards, Arkis goes to the guildhall of the Kulgei Smithing Association, learns about Maglev Trains, and spends the night in their lodgings. Rosie and Friar Wallace stay at the High Temple of Sarenrae, and Bortath says goodbye to Karma and makes his way back to the temple to sleep.

Session One
Our Adventure Begins!

Our three adventurers find themselves in their hometown of Targfoot on Enday, the 20th of Marpenoth. Bortath’s conflict with the local bullies comes to a head, and just as all looks hopeless he displays some surprising new powers none of you expected him to have. It seems that he has made a bloodpact with some strange and powerful creature calling itself Astaroth. After talking away a local man, James, Bortath and Rosie go to explain what happened to Sheriff Joshua while Arkis holds down the fort. They manage to get things sorted out with the law, and head to the King’s Arms Tavern for a night of merry-making and jolity. Bortath experiments with his new powers, and they head home. But not before he and Arkis buy Rosie a gift and mage hand it up to her.

The next day our trio is called in to Friar Wallace’s office. He asks them to deliver a letter and some baked goods up to his friend Borivik who lives near Carberry. On their way out of town, they bump into a strange elven woman calling herself Vexalia. Seeing that they have similar destinations, they decide to travel together up North. After three days of travel and several encounters, they manage to make it to Borivik’s house, only to discover that it has been destroyed with some strange magical effects. After this they explore the debris, finding some remains and bobbles along with a strange notebook, then they decide to head off to Carberry.

In town, they hit up the Empty Flask Inn and meet Vex’s brother, Vax. Bortath enquirers with a local handyman named Karmuk while Rosie has a panther onesie made by a leather and fur craftsman by the name of Orben. At this, the adventurers head to bed, thus concluding their first session.


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